ITER May Global moment Activity 2023

From May 15-29, 2023, the Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union REWU and World Vision joined together as a global Partnership for campaign “It Takes a World “Changemakers” mobilization, celebrating children and young people as agents of change.

The official name of the campaign is “It Takes Every Rwandan to End Child Exploitation” (ITER), and its overall goal is to contribute to the increased protection of children from child labor and sexual abuse. It aligns with and contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 16.2, which aims to “end the abuse, exploitation, trafficking, and all forms of violence and torture against children.”

The campaign also is well aligned with the policies of the Rwandan government.

The Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) in partnership with WV Rwanda conducted this ITER Global moment in 7 Districts such as Gisagara, Huye, Rusizi, Nyamasheke, Karongi, Rutsiro and Ngororero Districts

The following are the activities conducted during May global moment:

We engaged change makers from all the schools and local government structures where we work particularly with change makers from the Child Protection clubs, Child committees and Child labour committees at the sector and district level.

   2. Activity implementation

The Global moment campaign focused to the children who are members of Child Protection clubs in schools and community , looking for their capacity on fighting child labour and sexual abuse  and see their roles in  ITER Campaign in  changing behaviours and cultural norms which are still challenge against children in their families, schools and communities.

We worked with the local government to improve the global moment activity where we made campaign through trip with   local authorities, students. WVR staff and REWU team. and Child protection club mentors.

Were participate different actors stakeholders in child protection , such as World vision Rwanda , District and sector authorities, security organs ,community , faith leaders, and children.

The campaign was characterized by children poem, dance, songs and Child Protection club testimonies regarding the fight against child abuse and the fight against child labor

        3. Global moment participants

1Civil society organizations28432
3Faith leaders24428
4District and Sector representatives88896

4. Achievements, challenges and call for actions:

The ITER Global Moment activity was a significant opportunity to communicate messages about ending child exploitation and sexual abuse to a diverse audience.

During the campaign, children have raised the challenges that arise when some of them were sexually abused and employed, this can affect psychosocial behavior and mental issues.

Children victims of sexual abuse and child labor are not only suffer psychosocial consequences, there are other consequences  such as family conflicts ,rejection by their families, churches, schools, or community groups, but also experience additional negative effects.

5. Call for action

It is vital for us to listen to the voices of children who are calling for action to end child sexual abuse and child labor. It is the responsibility of every one to ensure that the children are safe and protected from harm. We need to strengthen our efforts in taking care of sexually abused children and employed, to provide them the support they need to heal and rehabilitation.

We also need to extend campaigns and raise awareness about this important issue as it affects not only the present but also the future of our children.

Let us work together, create a safer and more secure environment for children   

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