Celebration of DAC 2023

On Friday, 16th June, 2023, World Vision Rwanda in partnership with REWU and government agencies joined children, parents, schools and other non-Governmental Organizations to celebrate the Day of the African Child.

The theme was “The Rights of the Child in the Digital Environment,” providing an opportunity to reflect on everyone’s role in protecting children’s rights.

This is primarily because technology has become increasingly essential in daily life in today’s society. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that children are not left behind or exposed to harm or exploitation through digital means.

During the celebration of this important day, World Vision and REWU awarded children who have succeeded the competition that focused on the rights of the Children.

Children who won the competition received school items such as school bags, pens, notebooks among others.

In addition to the messages provided by various organizations, including World Vision and REWU, the children also had a great opportunity to showcase their talents through drama and various art forms. They were also given the chance to raise their wishes, ensuring that their rights are respected.

The DAC 2023 Celebration was graced by various people including local leaders, security organs, schools, parents, religious leaders among others.


  • Boniface MPORAYONZI June 22, 2023 At 6:38 am

    We are Ready to against any violation sign faced on our child @changemaker

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