REWU requests Employers to offer written contracts that can support Employees Well-being

The Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) has raised the issue of short-term contracts that do not benefit the employees and hinder their development.

In a meeting held on August16,2023, in Nyagatare District, which brought together various labor stakeholders, the Secretary General of REWU, Eng. Andre Mutsindashyaka, highlighted the issue that many employers fail to provide employment contracts.

Furthermore, even those employers who do offer written contracts often fail to provide long-term benefits to employees, as the contracts tend to be short-term in nature. Eng. Mutsindashyaka emphasized that such short-term contracts hinder employees from being able to apply for loans for personal development. Therefore, Eng. Mutsindashyaka requested that this issue be addressed and corrected. 

“As our country targeting to become middle income country in 2035, decent work shall play a big contribution whereby stable employment due to written contract is crucial to have it, and in return those employees will create new jobs and so on” Eng. Mutsindashya explained

He also stated that with the collaboration between trade unions and the Ministry of Labour, workers who possess expertise in professions without formal education are undergo skill assessments, enabling them to obtain certificates.

Meanwhile, Mwambari Faustin, the Head of Employment Ecosystem Policy and Strategy Department in the Ministry of Public Service and Labour, urged employers to promptly provide internships to students so that they gain hands-on skills to prepare them well for the labour market and create many jobs for youth

The Vice Mayor of Nyagatare District, Matsiko Gonzag, in charge of economic development, expressed his appreciation for the ideas put forward to enhance employment opportunities. He also promised to cooperate in overcoming any major obstacles. Additionally, he requested that young people be encouraged to enroll in TVET schools. These district dialogues, organized by the Ministry of Labour, seek to explore possible solutions for addressing the job scarcity, particularly among young individuals.

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