REWU, World Vision Empowering Children Clubs in Matyazo

On Wednesday, August23,2023, the Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) in partnership with World Vision Rwanda held a children session in Matyazo sector in the Muramba college hall. The talk was attended by 200 children who are members of the five Child Protection Clubs from the community, representing each cell.

The discussion began with a conversation about the values that should define the children of Matyazo and emphasized the importance of working with a sense of purpose. Additionally, there was a discussion regarding the rights of children and the issue of violence against them, along with strategies for its prevention.

During these discussions, the issue of child labor and the law that penalizes individuals who violate its provisions were discussed. At the conclusion of the session, the children were encouraged to remain vigilant and promptly report any instances of violence. They were also asked to actively campaign among their peers, particularly during this holiday season.

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