PIRAN Trade Union Committee commends REWU-Miners partnership

The Committee of PIRAN Trade Union has commended the productive partnership that exists between Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) and mine workers of PIRAN’s Musha-Ntunga mines in the eastern province of Rwanda.

 The satisfaction was announced on 21st September 2020 during a field visit of REWU Coordinator of Eastern – Northern Region, Musabyimana Deogratias.

The Visit was in line with meeting the committee of union and management of the company to discuss various subjects which include payments of salaries arrears, workers wellbeing, progress on the annual leave payments for the past years among many other subjects.

According to Musabyimana, such meetings with miners’ representatives take place regularly in order to get closer to REWU members at their respective workplace and deal with employee’s issues to their employer.

“It is through these meetings that we tackle various issues and find solutions together with all workers and employers in mining and Quarry Industry.” He said.

Mr. Musabyimana revealed that during the visit they had also an opportunity to interact on other subjects among them are the provision of mattress among workers, as well as to assess the way workers are gradually coming back to their job after partial removal of COVID 19 prevention measures.

“PIRAN Trade Union Committee commended the partnership that exists between REWU and PIRAN company Ltd because this partnership has brought many positive impacts and among them are: increased work spirit and teamwork, employees now have knowledge on their rights and obligations, strengthening their social economic development in their families among others. They gave an example of mattresses that employees received after being connected to a supplier who can lend these mattresses.” Musabyimana explains.

He added that based on this strong collaboration between PIRAN Company Ltd, his employees as well as REWU trade union, workers are also planning to bring in the project of access to rainwater Harvesting tanks as well as buying bicycles for their transport facilitation that they will be paying slowly by Slowly to the factories.

It is in this regard that among the requests they made, they asked REWU to advocate for them so that they can have those rainwater Harvesting tanks at home as well as bicycles to those who need them.

They thanked PIRAN Company which is expanding its activities leading to more job opportunities which are also distributed starting with those whose contracts were temporarily suspended due to COVID 19 as were agreed with REWU in April 2020 during lockdown 

Employees of PIRAN Mining Company

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