RUHANGO: REWU Team along with various officials visit Big Mining Company to discuss labour issues among other topics

On 10th November 2020, the Secretary General of Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU), Mr. Mutsindashyaka Andre accompanied by Bwanakweri Jean Marie Vianney, Deputy Secretary General of REWU and REWU’s Southern and Western Provinces’ coordinator, Nkurikiyinka Fidel, have conducted a working visit at the Big Mining Company located in Ruhango District to discuss labor law, rights of workers as well as the issue of boosting the productivity.

The visit was conducted along with various officials including the Ruhango District labor Inspector, representatives of Rwanda Mines, Gas and Petroleum Board (RMB) in Ruhango District, security organs as well as sector representative.

Mr. Mutsindashyaka explained that the purpose of the meeting was to explain to both parties (Employer and Employees) about the labor law, the rights of the workers as well as employer and the responsibilities of both parties to increase productivity.

Big Mining Company’s Managing Director Thomas HAKUZIMANA received the team with a warm welcome by presenting the background of this company after which topics of the day were elaborated extensively.

Labor inspector Mrs Musanabera Laetitia emphasized on the importance of having contract between employer and employees as well as affiliation to the RSSB.

Mrs. Aline who was representing RMB reminds employer and employees the importance of having clean environment  at mine site and the importance of using personal protection equipment.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Mutsindashyaka reminded that is very important to have social dialogue between employer and employees adding that without employees there is no employer and vice versa.

The talks were also concluded by the election of the REWU Trade Union committee at the Big Mining Company Ltd chaired by Comrade Ephraim HAKUZIMANA and it is expected that the committee will further strengthen the relationship between the staff and the employer reinforced by REWU trade union trainings.

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