REWU officials meet COMIKAGI workers to discuss Labour Law, other issues

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On Friday, April 30, 2021, the Deputy Secretary General of the Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) and Lawyer, Mr. Jean Marie Bwanakweli, accompanied by the REWU Coordinator in the Eastern and Northern Provinces visited the COMIKAGI Mining Cooperative in Ruli sector of Gakenke District in the Northern Province of Rwanda.

The REWU delegation’s visit was aimed at explaining to the workers the labor law and regulations in Rwanda, encouraging them to develop union spirit while at work and promoting social dialogue with their employer when there is something that is not going well on both sides.

Workers were also briefed on increasing occupational health and safety at work.

Mining Workers highlighted the challenges of not having Employment Contracts, where it was found that employers (sub-contractors) also do not meet the requirements to hold such title.

Some of the most common problems with Sub-contractors include the fact that they don’t have  registration number as employer.

REWU officials have promised them to hold talks with the COMIKAGI administration and to hold meetings with these sub-contractors in order to find together how workers’s concerns can get fair handling and thus increase productivity as well as their social development welfare.

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