Gakenke: Mining Employers commit to promote professionalism in their respective companies

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Employers in the Mining companies whose operations are based in Gakenke District of the Northern Province of Rwanda have committed to promote professionalism in their companies in order to improve the productivity as well as the wellbeing of Miner workers.

The commitment was made during a meeting which took place at Gakenke District Headquarter on Friday June 4, 2021.

The Meeting brought together the District Administration, Officials from the Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU), representatives of the Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board(RMB) and Managers of the mine companies and cooperatives in Gakenke District.

The meeting aimed at looking how to promote decent work at working place as well as increasing the productivity and take joint action in the field for professional mining.

Speaking at the official opening of the meeting, the Vice Mayor for Economic Development in Gakenke District, Mr. Aime Francois Niyonsenga called on the Mines Managers to be active in promoting decent work and thanks them for the key role in promoting EJOHEZA saving scheme.

He reminds the companies managers to continue respect safety and health measures established by the Government.

The Vice Mayor also commended the partnership of REWU in organizing mining sector employees which is contributing to the community development.

Mr. Niyonsenga assured the mining companies / cooperatives and REWU that the district administration will continue to work with the mining authorities in order to work for the community development, and at the same time continuing to strengthen the role of mining in the development of the country.

In his remarks, REWU Secretary General Eng. Mutsindashyaka Andre told the managers of the mining companies that professional mining and efficient work are  very important to improve the livelihoods of the miners.

He added that it would increase productivity and as results it will contribute more on the country economic growth.

On the side of Company Managers, they agreed and committed to strengthen the relationship with their employees by promoting social dialogue in their companies/cooperatives, and they commit to find job professional trainings for employees in order to improve the skills of their staff which will contribute to the increase of productivity as well as on what the employees earn monthly.

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