GAKENKE: REWU calls on workers to unite for the livelihood’s improvement

The management of the Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) in early October 2021 extended the working visits at the Murehe and Kabarara Mining sites that are under COMIKAGI Cooperative which operate in Gakenke District in the Northern province of Rwanda.

These visits are part of an ongoing effort to explain to workers the benefits of Trade Union formation and the specific benefits that come from that integration.

On October 1, 2021, at the Murehe site, one of the sites of the COMIKAGI Cooperative, REWU joined about 200 mining workers and their leaders to discuss the importance and benefits of the trade union and its role in employee development.

After understanding the importance of the Trade Union, workers decided to join together for the same purpose of improving the lives of the workers in general while at the same time continuing to increase the productivity in the companies of which they work.

A similar event took place at the Kabarara site in COMIKAGI where on October 5, 2021 the management of REWU also visited the mining workers.

The Deputy Secretary General of REWU and its Lawyer Mr. Bwanakweli Jean Marie accompanied by the Coordinator of REWU in the Northern and Eastern Provinces Musabyimana Deogratias, continued the visit to the Kababara site where they met about 350 workers to discuss the same issue of the role of the Trade Union in their working conditions.

These workers are also committed to working together to have a unified voice in promoting dialogues between them and the employer.

The Kabarara Workers have requested that they also begin to receive the equipment which will be paid gradually based on the agreement they have with their employer.

Mr. Karambizi Omar Yussuf, Vice President of the REWU Trade Union in COMIKAGI thanked the management of REWU for its cooperation with COMIKAGI and called on the workers to work together and thus continue to be helped to build the development of their families.

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