REWU trained PIRAN Rwanda union and staff representatives on their role in promoting social dialogue at working place. 

The Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) in close collaboration with the management of PIRAN Rwanda Ltd have organized a training that brought together the REWU Trade Union Committee in PIRAN Rwanda, staff representatives, and the Management of PIRAN Rwanda. The training took place on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

The trainees were taken through, labor law and its ministerial orders,  responsibilities of staff and trade union  representatives in advocating, collective bargains for employees rights and benefits as well as their role to increase the production as the main duties of representatives of workers at company level.

At the beginning of the workshop, the Director General of Piran Rwanda, Mr. Sematuro Lionel, thanked REWU union for its contribution to the promote social dialogue in PIRAN as well as train its staff for better understanding labor standards and its implementation at working place, and urged the participants to share the acquired information to all employees.

The Deputy Secretary General and Lawyer of REWU Mr. Bwanakweli Jean Jean Marie explained the legal provisions in labor law, functioning of the Trade Unions and staff representatives in the company.

Speaking at the training, the Secretary General Eng. Andre Mutsindashyaka trained participants on how to conduct negotiations until to the collective bargaining. He shows special duties of staff representatives and trade union representatives, their complementality in order to promote better working conditions in the company.

He called on the participants to work closely for the common interests of the workers they are representing.

He added that there are a lot that the union does for the welfare of the workers and promised that the trade union will continue to do its best to fully arrive at the level where workers will enjoy their full rights at the workplace and even at their family levels.

REWU is nowadays advocating for having a mining secterial collective bargaining agreement for minimum remuneration.

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