Celebration of the Day of the African Child

On June 16, 2022, Through Child Protection Clubs established in different sectors, the Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) in partnership with World Vision Rwanda, National Entities, NGOs youth and educational institutions celebrated the Day of the African Child (DAC2022) under the National theme “Protect the Child, Build a Better Tomorrow”

The long-running event was organized by REWU and World Vision Rwanda through the continuous campaign against Child Labour and Sexual Abuse.

Various competitions on child protection topics have been organized under the program, so on the day of the African Child, CP Clubs that performed well in the competition were awarded various prizes including notebooks and pens.

For instance in Muganza sector in Rusizi district, the day was celebrated at the GS MUGANZA A where the Child Protection Club took part in the competition organized by REWU in collaboration with World Vision Rwanda.

The ceremony was attended by the Officer in charge of Education at the Sector level Mr. BYUKUSENGE Protogene who represented the Sector Executive Secretary.

He reminded the children of their rights and how they would report the child’s abuse on time.

He praised the sketch played by CP members to highlight all the methods that are used by child abusers and how the perpetrators and their accomplices are punished.

The management of the Sector commends REWU and World Vision Rwanda for their advocacy work in educational institutions in the field of child protection.

The event also took place in Karongi District, Bwishyura Sector, where the Chief Guest was the Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs in the District Mr. NIRAGIRE Theophile who was accompanied by the President of the Karongi District Council Mrs. INGABIRE Dominique, Security Forces, Partners and representatives of child protection organizations among others. The event was also attended by children from Bwishyura sector and the community.

It was marked by a variety of activities including the provision of various equipment provided by Caritas, RD Rwanda, 36 adolescents who gave birth prematurely received an investment of Rfw 50,000 donated by Caritas Rwanda and EPR (6), and also school supplies to 38 students (notebooks and pens, and textbooks on child rights) provided by REWU.

In Rutsiro District the Day is celebrated in Gihango sector. The Chief Guest was the Mayor of the District, Mrs. MUREKATETE Triphose, who was accompanied by the Representative of the National Children’s Council in the District, Mrs. MUKANYAMWASA Cartas, the Security Forces, various stakeholders involved in child protection activities, and the Executive Secretary of Gihango Sector Mr. Ruzindana Ladsilas

The event was attended by children from Gihango sector and the community.

The event was marked by a variety of activities: awards for students with the help of CARTAS, school supplies for 38 students including notebooks and pens, provided by REWU.

Similar activities have taken place in other areas where REWU and World Vision Rwanda are implementing the Child Protection Campaign, including in Cyato sector in Nyamasheke District.

In addition to the children being provided with school supplies, the children participated in the celebration of the Day of the African Child by sharing soda, biscuits as planned in each area.

African Child Day is a great time to reflect on the rights of the Child and to protect him or her from any form of violence.


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