Rutongo: REWU Trade Union Committee visit Colleagues at Gasambya Mining Site

On February 17, 2023, the REWU Trade union committee in Rutongo Mines Company Ltd visited the mining workers at the Gasambya site.

Members of the REWU trade union committee in Rutongo Mines together with Trade Union members at Gasambya site discussed issues related to labor law, workers’ rights, prevention of accidents and health safety at workplace and increasing productivity.

Similar discussions will continue in other sites of Rutongo mines company.

The President of REWU Trade Union in Rutongo Mines Company Ltd, Ms. Jeanne Uwimana explained that “This meeting was aimed at explaining to them what the union is and how it works, its benefits among others and this is in order to encourage them to work together in the union as most of them are new members”

She also added that it was “An opportunity to look together at their Health Safety at workplace and discuss the Ministerial Order No. 002 /19.20 of 17/03/2020 establishing gross misconduct that can lead to the immediate Contract cancellation without notice.

They also took measures that will help them to work together with dedication and commitment to increase the productivity of the company.

The meeting was attended by Rutongo Mines employees and subcontractors.

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