REWU have 5 employees following:

  1. Secretary General: His duties are to represent the union and to coordinate it in all activities of the organization;
  • Deputy Secretary General: His duties are:
  • Mobilization,
  • To recruit and
  • To training as well as other responsibilities tasked by general secretariat.
  • Project Manager: His/her duty is the coordination of projects
  • Office manager: His / her duties are to ensure the communication with members of union, office secretary, legal issues
  • Regional Coordinators: REWU have 2 regional coordinators (in Eastern – southern and western – northern Regional), whom are in charge to represent REWU in those Regional and the coordination of all activities of the organization.


Volunteers Leaders of REWU are based in the companies where their daily works are performed , and as REWU is working & represented in 125 companies and cooperatives up to now, it have 625 union leaders elected by their colleagues in some companies/cooperatives where they work daily.