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Trinity Metals Musha Subcontractors and REWU Trade Union Sign Collective Bargaining Agreements for Social Wellbeing and Increased Production in Mining Sector

On This Wednesday 28/03/2024 it was a great moment for more than 3,300 mineworkers employed by the subcontractors of Trinity Metals Musha, whereby the negotiations between REWU trade union and subcontractors of Trinity Metals Musha were concluded by the signatories of six Collective Bargaining Agreements (6CBA(s) to promote social wellbeing of employees as well as to increase the minerals’ production.

This was achieved in partnership between REWU and Enabel Rwanda to promoting social protection and decent work in mining sector.

The signed Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) will lead to increased production and provide workers with contracts. Maternity leave benefits will support both the child and the family, while the development of workers’ families will also see growth.

The labor market will expand, and residents of the mine will benefit from the improved well-being of workers. Additionally, businesses in the mine area will thrive as a result of these agreements.

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