Global Youth Festival in Turkey Promotes Cross-Border Solidarity and Organizing for Trade Unions

REWU, represented by Fabrice MUGISHA, a union leader from NBM, along with other trade unions affiliated with BWI, attended the Global Youth Festival in Turkey, Ayidin, which took place from May 7th to May 11th, 2024. The theme of the festival was “Beyond borders, beyond barriers, we organize.” The event was attended by 92 youths from 40 different countries.

Discussions at the festival focused on the challenges that various trade unions are currently facing and proposed solutions to overcome these challenges. Additionally, topics such as how youth can promote good working conditions to maintain occupational health and safety for workers, as well as address climate change, were also explored.

The use of digitalization and efforts to improve gender equality in sectors such as mining, construction, wood, forestry, and quarrying were highlighted as ways to uplift these industries.

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